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Why I Keep Coming Back to My Own Little Paradise!

Cyprus is the island of no-distance and you know why? Because in the worst case scenario, one can have a delay of approximately two hours, since the largest distance from one corner of the island to the other is approximately 240 km.
Let’s say, I locate myself in Ayia Napa, then the distance to the rest of the areas in Cyprus could easily be characterized as….close!

I would in other words need 8km to Protaras, 41km to Larnaca, 80km to Nicosia, 107km to Limassol, 147km to Paphos and 210km to Polis/Latchi.

For some, it is the island of Love, others refer to it as the island of Beauty. For me it is an absolute temptation and I have got my reasons.



Love & Beauty:
Love has its origins in Cyprus as it is the original birthplace of the goddess of Love, Aphrodite.
Cyprus and Beauty are inextricably linked as the island has exceptionally beautiful areas, vivid colors and spectacular landscapes. Crystal clear beaches are way too tempting, but also mountainous beauties, picturesque little traditional villages and scenic countryside areas spread all over the island.

Nature Beauty, History, Weather,

The Sun:
The Sun is itself in favor of Cyprus acting as a true source of inspiration for any photographer or anyone who is romantic enough to be able to appreciate the beauty of such a scene.


Summer and Cyprus have an almost all-year agreement as the majority of the days in Cyprus all year round are sunny and smiling. Tourists who keep coming back confess that the main reason for visiting or living on the island is because of its sunny character which is without doubt irresistible and tempting.

The Ancient character of the island is exceptionally special counting more than 10.000 years of existence. Different signs of ancient, medieval and modern history are in plethora on the island and easy to come across while having a stroll. Neolithic settlements, mines from the Bronze Age, palaces from the period of Kingdoms, Hellenistic theatres, Roman temples, Byzantine churches, medieval abbeys and Ottoman baths.

Wine - Cuisine - Hospitality

Wine - Commandaria the king of wines:
It happens to be the oldest wine on the globe and has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to a legend, King Richard the Lionheart of England was so passionate about this specific wine that during his wedding in 1191, he distinguished the particular wine as “the wine of kings and the king of wines”.




Cuisine & Mezze:

As a Food Critic myself, I can speak highly of the Cypriot traditional cuisine and local products. One such is our local cheese called halloumi. When in Cyprus be sure to try the local mezze which is like the ancient symposium, a social event and a way of life.

The more around the table the merrier… Opa!!

The traditional Cypriot Mezze, which means “little delicacies” may consist of as many as 30 small plates of savory dips and vegetables and a wide range of meat and fish dishes cooked in several different ways. In contrast to hors d'oeuvres, Mezze includes the main meal itself.

Some examples of the variety offered: taramosalata, houmous, crushed olives, tzatziki, tahini dip, pickled green olives, loukanika, koupepia (dolmades), lountza, halloumi, souvlaki, sheftalia, keftedes, afelia, moussaka, stiphado, ofto kleftiko, fried zucchini, fried eggplant and the village salad.

I bet nobody can resist the Cypriot hospitality.
It is always accompanied by authentic smiles and friendly faces. This is what actually characterizes Cypriots. Here, villages’ traditional values remain, while the true character of the Cypriot people shines through wherever you go.

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